We are a fun loving bunch of people united by our mutual love of:

  • Beer
  • Sophomoric Hijinks
  • Softball

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We are constantly, aggressively recruiting warm bodies capable of holding a bat and (maybe) wearing a glove. If that describes you, join us!


The Clifton Cannibals were started in 2016 when our manager got bored and asked his wife about playing softball. She mentioned that her coworkers were starting a team. Realizing that the deadline was quickly approaching and trying to avoid the late fee, he registered a softball team with the Grand Junction Parks and recreation department. Filling out the form on their website he was nonplussed by the “team name” field and not knowing that Clifton was literally considered “the other side of the tracks” in Grand Junction and having a love of alliteration he named the team the “Clifton Cannibals”.

The team has begged him to change the name every year since.